This DVD demonstrates the variety of projects Jetfuel Films specializes in.  F-16, KC-135 refueling, Blackhawk medevac, and Yak-52 ops at Oshkosh are featured.

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"Introduction to Aerospace Medicine" outlines the role a Flight Surgeon plays in Air Force operations.  Excerpts from an EMEDS deployment in Iraq are included highlighting the medical team's life saving efforts.

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"506th EMEDS" is 12 videos that feature the broad day to day experiences of an Expeditionary Medical Support (EMEDS) deployment in Iraq.

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Chris Borchardt


Provide unparalleled video production and photography support to aerobatic teams, airshow performers, military squadrons, and aviation enthusiasts.

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Chris Borchardt is an experienced and award winning videographer and photographer who specializes in aviation related projects.  His unique perspective and composition skills are due to his extensive aviation experience as a private pilot and active duty flight surgeon in the United States Air Force.

Composition and concept development are critical to the impact and success of a promotional video or photographs and Jetfuel Films excels in both essential categories.  Honors include recognition by the International Council of Air Shows in the promotional video category and video production for the Discovery Channel's Enduring Extremes series.  Diverse experience includes projects for F-15, F-16, C-21, C-141, and KC-135 squadrons. 

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